Frequently Asked Questions

Is Learning to Fly A Drone Hard?

Not really, like any fun video game, some practice is required. Everybody gets better with practice. We’ll teach you everything you need to know to be successful in this career!

Do I get college credit for F2F?

Yes, it counts as one credit and can apply to any aviation degree at Sinclair College and many other universities. F2F students can be automatically admitted and enrolled in college to pursue their academic credentials once they have built up confidence and complete the F2F program.

What is the minimum age to sign up?

EOY works with high schools to identify youth who might be interested and benefit from F2F. We accept any high school student (any age) who is interested and recommended by school counselors.

How much do I get paid?

Currently, drone pilots can earn a six-figure income. But, like any career, actual earnings vary with economic demands, regional competition, a pilot’s track record and customer satisfaction. Repeat customers are common and the best way to increase earnings.

Do I have other career options?

Flight to the Future (F2F) is a gateway to a lot of aviation career options. Completing F2F will position you to pursue career opportunities as a mechanic, technician, engineer, researcher, flight ops manager, and airline executive. Our EOY mentors help explore these options and steer youth on a path to success.

What happens if I fail?

We’ll do everything we can to help you! We’ll be with you all the way through. If that happens, you simply reset and start the game over again just like any video game! But we are 90% + sure you won’t fail based on prior students and their success rates. If you can game, then you can SOAR!!

What is ADoD?

AD on Demand (ADoD) is a module within the AD Cloud that matches drone pilots with commercial flight service requests from paying customers. It works much like Uber where pilots are matched with flight requests based on pilot skills, mission credentials, prior customer ratings, and availability. ADoD is a direct path from F2F learning & training to fly for pay.

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